Maples Investments is now FLOODGATE

Dear Entrepreneurs,

Five years ago, I moved to Silicon Valley and embarked on a crazy experiment.  I wanted to test whether a new model of "Super Angel" investing could address a big gap in venture capital.  I set my alarm clock for March 2010 and decided that I would either quit investing and declare the experiment a failure, or go "all-in" on the concept. No hedging.

Since then, I've worked with so many great entrepreneurs I can't even name them all here, but a few from the early days stand out.  Evan Williams and Kevin Rose - you permitted me to invest in your companies (Twitter and digg) when no sane person would have given me the chance.  And Osman Rashid - you gave me the opportunity to make Chegg the first investment in the Super Angel fund that I raised in 2006.

Based on the amazing work of great founders and a good run of beginner's luck, I've decided to go for it.  The result is FLOODGATE, a firm that will take the Super Angel model to the next level.  I've also decided to bring on our first full-time Partner, Ann Miura-Ko, who has already contributed greatly and who deserves to be recognized as a co-founder.

We will never forget that FLOODGATE was founded on the basis of entrepreneurs' faith in our vision and their willingness to give us a chance.  I've been very grateful to work with each and every one of you.

Thank You.

Mike Maples, Jr.
Co-Founder - FLOODGATE

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